How to travel to Africa cheaply and safely

Using low budget budget airlines in Africa

There are a few budget airlines that are reliable in Africa but most only fly within South Africa. The best and most reliable budget airline to fly from Central Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Ethopia) to Southern Africa is to use Fastjet. The main airport for Fastjet is in Tanzania and connects travellers to Zimbabwe, Zambia and with a connecting flight to South Africa. Each one-way flight will cost €130 with one checked-in bag weighing 23kg. More bags can be booked online for €15. The problem is that there are very few international airlines that fly from Spain, France, Germany, USA and the United Kingdom to Tanzania. Most international airlines fly to South Africa, Kenya or Ethiopia. Kenya and Ethopia do not have any cheap budget airlines or flights to Tanzania. A cheap travel option is to fly to Kenya and take a private bus to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for €35. The bus from Kenya to Tanzania gives travellers the opportunity to see Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.







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