Top ten ways to travel safely in Africa alone as a woman?

    1. Avoid using public transport and taxis at night. Violence against women will mostly happen at night.
    2. Avoid taking pepper spray as it is illegal in some countries. There are some  air horns that will deter most assailants and are legal.
    3. Stay in recommended airbnb houses and apartments. Not only is airbnb cheaper than  hotels but they are also more secure and comfortable.
    4. Explore new areas with recommended and chosen guides who speak your native language and the language of the local people.
    5. Avoid eating food that is not cooked in a clean kitchen. Avoid street food that is not in packaging or fruit that does not have a skin (apples for example)
    6. Avoid political demonstrations.
    7. Do not carry a visible camera as this is a symbol of a foreign journalist.
    8. Use public transport during the day that have local African women as passengers.
    9. Avoid wearing clothes that are to revealing or that are designer wear. Designer clothes attract attention from thieves.
    10. Vaccinate against the common diseases and infections of the country.

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