Fishing and spearfishing in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has good fishing and spearfishing areas for bass, bream tiger fish and catfish. Popular fishing areas are Lake Kariba and the Zambezi River. The best time for spearfishing and fishing is September or October but it is available during the entire year. River fishing and boat fishing are available. Fly fishing and cash and release are offered. Fishing equipment can be organised in advance. The dangers of spearfishing are crocodiles and hippos.

Legal problems with hunting in Zimbabwe?

Professional hunters are chosen for their experience and respect of the hunting regulations. Experienced legal practitioners can be arranged for any problems that may occur. Chosen taxidermists will organise the necessary documentation to avoid legal problems with the movement of trophies. There will be a welcome and departure team at the airport to assist.

Taxidermists and trophies in Zimbabwe?

Qualified taxidermists in Bulawayo and Harare can prepare either a full mount or package the trophy for delivery. Documentation can be organised for non-ivory products to the desired destination. Repairs to damaged trophies from bullet marks or transport can also be done upon requests.

Bow hunting in Zimbabwe?

Bow hunting is only available in private conservancies upon request. Bows can be hired in the country in advance. Choose between stalking and hiding in wait for the animal. Hunt the dangerous animals with organised documentation.

Big Five Hunting in Zimbabwe?

Lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo are available for hunts in Zimbabwe. Black and white rhinos are not available. Quotas for hunting depend on the hunting and safari areas. A hunter may need to travel to different areas to hunt elephants, lions, leopards and buffalos.

River and lake camping in Zimbabwe

Sail down the Zambezi river and at night camp on the river bank in Iosolated locations. Travel to the many islands and river sides of Lake Kariba and have accommodation on your own private beach. Safaris come with the choice of self-sailing or operated by an experienced crew.

Walking safari tours in Zimbabwe.

Walk in the famous Mana Pools National Park where tourists can travel with or without the protection of a ranger to get a close-up experience with nature. Camp next to the Limpopo and Zambezi river to watch crocodiles and hippos whilst eating 5-star meals.  Choose between a walking safari or a permanent camp in Gonarezhou National Park with fishing opportunities. Hike in the isolated Eastern Highlands where very few people can be found and camp where ever you prefer. Both family and children are accommodated.