What kind of money or currency is used in Zimbabwe?

The United States dollar is the most used currency under the multi-currency system that was adopted in early 2009. There is now a severe lack of dollars at ATMs, making USD withdraws very difficult.

It is best to take physical money notes into Zimbabwe in your hand luggage and declare them on arrival at the border/airport. Bring numerous small bill notes, e.g. $1, $5 and $10 into the country as notes of small value are not very common and cannot be easily exchanged for large note sizes, e.g. $50 and $100. Do not bring in USD and Euro coins as these are not used. Use the international money exchanger Mukuru to import money at a low cost. Euros and Pounds are not used in most parts of the country.

Is it safe to travel in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a very safe place to travel in. Violent crimes are rare and cases of petty crime are not common. Keep your personal belongs near as there are pickpocketers.

Criticism of the Zimbabwe government and its president is a punishable crime and avoid using your camera outside of tourist areas, near government buildings and civil servants. Ask your guide for advice on this.

Homosexual acts or displays of affection are illegal. Avoid walking at night in the cities and towns.

Zimbabweans are famous for being friendly. Be polite and you will be shown kindness.

What medicines should I take to Zimbabwe?

Have malaria and sleeping sickness medication as the low lying places of Victoria Falls, Savi Conservancy and Hwange National Park are high risk areas. Using insect repellent reduces the exposure to either illness. Take a high SPF sun cream to protect against the sun.

Arrange personal private medical insurance suitable for the tourist activity that will do done. Take prescription drugs or OTC requirements with you from your home country.

How much are gratuities in Zimbabwe?

In restaurants and hotels in Victoria Falls, Harare and Bulawayo it is 10% of the final cost of the meal. In a camp a client can give all the tips to the camp operator who will divide the money equally. The professional guide is normally tipped separately. The amount of the tip is to be decided by the client and is not compulsory.