What happens if I have a medical problem in Zimbabwe?

Pre-organise medical insurance before travelling to Zimbabwe that provides medical evacuations to the main hospitals in Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo.For very remote parts of the country, for example Chimanimani Mountains, helicopter rescue can be arranged but at a very high cost. There are runways in the safari areas that allow for quick evacuations. Safari lodges and professional guides can provide advice on which medical provider to use.

Do I need a visa to travel to Zimbabwe?

EU citizens can purchase a single travel visa into Zimbabwe. The current price of a sing;e travel visa is USD$30. A double travel visa for USD$45 allows for travel to Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. The passport should have a minimum of 4 blank pages and be valid for at least 7 months.

Can I use a cell or mobile phone in Zimbabwe?

Mobile phones will receive good signal in Victoria Falls, Harare, Kariba, Bulawayo and Mutate and some safari lodges. There is EDGE or 2G mobile connection in remote places. Enquire with your cellular provider if your phone will work in Zimbabwe. Some lodges can also provide vehicles with attachable satellites to provide fast internet when travelling.

Lodges can buy a  local SIM card in advance of arrival. Econet has better coverage. Phone calls and mobile data are very expensive.

What languages are spoken in Zimbabwe?

Most Zimbabweans speak English. Local Europeans speak English as their native language. There are local languages of Zimbabwe’s Shona and Ndebele tribes. Some professional guides speak French, German or Spanish. If the guides do not speak a second language then a translator will be hired for the camp.

When is the best time or month of year to travel Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe can be visited any time during the year. The rainy season is between December and February with possible rains in November and March. Some lodges are closed in the rainy season. The hot, dry season is from May to November with the cooler season starting in June and ending in August, the cooler season is the best time to visit Zimbabwe’s safari areas.

Can I drive/fly from South Africa to Zimbabwe?

Most car hire companies will not permit their vehicles to cross the border except for some of their smallest models. Many documents need to be organised to travel to Zimbabwe the country with a hired car. The main roads between South Africa and Zimbabwe are very bad so driving is very difficult. Chartered planes can be taken from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban to safari lodges in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo.

What if I get stopped by the police in Zimbabwe?

The police corruption in Zimbabwe has greatly decreased since 2017. The few police roadblocks have soldiers who are monitoring the police to prevent corruption. Carry a list of the official fines to have proof of the actual fines and the regulations with vehicles if the police do try to give large fines for offences.[wpdm_package id=’692′]

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There is also a technique to communicate with the police in a non-confrontational manner. The document below gives more information on this.

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Also use the checklist for any interaction with the police who are being uncooperative.

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For tourists who want to use their driving licence in Zimbabwe read the documents below.

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The very last option is to contact Zimbabwe Police officals for assistance if the situation is getting difficult. This can make the situation with the police worse if used.

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