10 questions to ask a hunting guide operator in Zimbabwe

  1. Is the hunting operator or professional hunters registered under an official association? The Zimbabwean Professional Hunters and Guides Association has a list of all the professional hunters. These Zimbabwean hunters are officially certified and follow the rules of the association to protect their clients from legal harm.
  2. Clarify the number of each animal that is in the hunting package. Some hunting operators in Zimbabwe will not be clear with this?
  3. Does the operator provide transport for the animal trophy to the taxidermists as part of the hunting package?
  4. Will the hunts be done in National Park safari areas, private conservancies or near tribal villages. Hunting in Zimbabwe´s Private conservancies and tribal areas will have more taxes from the Zimbabwean government and the need to hire a National Park ranger who monitors the hunting.
  5. Are the arrival and departure days separate from the hunting package?
  6. Is car transport included in the hunting package?
  7. What is the refund policy for animals that are not killed or shot? Each hunter or hunting camp operator will have their own  refund policy. It also depends on whether the hunt is in National Park near Victoria Falls, a Private Conservancy like Save or a tribal hunting area.
  8. Are clients accommodated in tents or a safari lodge?
  9. Which airline does the taxidermist use to transport animal trophies. Some airlines do not permit certain animal trophies to certain countries.
  10. What does the medical insurance provide?

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