What tours can be done in Zimbabwe?

A number of tour combinations can be organised in Zimbabwe.


There are domestic flights between Victoria Falls, Harare, Kariba and Bulawayo. Two to three days at Victoria falls will let a traveller see the famous waterfalls, do white water rafting and bungee jumping. Another option is to fly to Lake Kariba and hire a houseboat for 4 nights. Or fly to Mana Pools, a World Heritage Site, that allows tourists to walk freely amongst the animals without a ranger (this is very rare in Africa).


Clycling tours are done in the Eastern Highlands where there is less traffic and fantastic views.  Cycling can be done in Victoria Falls amongst the animals. Both road and mountain biking can be done. Roads are in decent condition.

Hiking tours

Tourists can travel around Mana Pools and Chimanimani National Parks without a ranger and have very close encounters with wild animals.

Tourist/hunting tours

Another option is to travel to Zimbabwe’s ancient monuments, national parks or private conservancies and hunt smaller animals. These trips are a cheaper for tourists to travel and hunt in Zimbabwe.

Fishing tours

There are numerous varieties of fish in Zimbabwe. Some of these are: tiger fish, cat fish, trout and bass. These are found in different parts of Zand so there are tours that let tourists enjoy both the mountains and safari areas whilst fishing. These tours will be done under experienced guides.

Survival camps

Ten-day survival camps in the Savi Conversancy and Hwange National Park are run under experienced survival experts who were trained to survive in nature for months. One of these experts rewrote the survival courses for the USA Marines Participants will only have a knife and shorts. The ratio is six people to one survival experts. Each camp is unique depending on the season and the area in the private conservancies that the camps are done in. Skills like learning how to make traps, shoes, hats and which plants can be used for medicine will be taught.

These courses are also very important for character building and creative thinking. It is also a good way to lose weight as participants will have to find food from nature without using a rifle.

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