What are the hunting regulations of Zimbabwe?

National Parks of Zimbabwe will give individual hunting operators a quota for each animal that can be legally hunted. The hunting operator will then do a pre-hunt form based on what animals the client wants and this is submitted to National Parks for approval. This process applies to private conservancies, private ranches, safari areas and Campfire areas.

Some operators and professional hunters will apply for twice the number of animals than what the client has asked for in the rare event that an animal is shot but the body is not discovered. The professional hunter will then offer the client the choice of paying for the second animal.

If an animal is shot but the body is not found on the day but is found later after the client leaves, the trophy is still legally the ownership of the client up until 14 days after his/her day of departure from Zimbabwe.

Professional hunters will either have a full or a restricted licences. Restricted licences means that the professional hunter is limited to what he or she can hunt with a client.

Lions that are 5 years or older can only be legally hunted. The professional guide is responsible for deciding the age of a hunted lion. Only a close examination of the colour of the nose and condition of the teeth can determine the lion´s age, very difficult from a distance. Photos of the hunted lion need to be done and posted to National Parks.

National Parks will determine the age of the lion based on the hunt. If the age is too young then the professional hunter will be given a big monetary penalty. This is to prevent the hunting of young lions.

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