Prices (Hunting)



Packages Bronze Silver Gold
Number of days 7 15 21
Buffalo (only one)
Bushpig (only one)
Elephant (only one) X X
Eland (only one) X X
Impala (only one) X X
Leopard (only one) X
Wildebeast (only one) X
Zebra (only one) X X
Accommodation (safari camps and lodges)
Taxes (for the Zimbabwean government)
Taxes (IVA)
Medical Insurance
Animal Tracking Training
Charter flights return flight from Harare or Victoria Falls
Professional guide
Inner park transport
Transporting animal trophy to taxidermist
Exporting animal trophy X X X
Video filming of the hunt  X X X
Taxidermist  X X X
Price per person €30000 €60000 €116000